Leadership starts with people and it ends with people

Taranaki is shifting its gaze towards the future. A number of long-term infrastructure and investment projects are currently underway to support this – developments like the Pouakai Crossing, New Plymouth Airport, and new Taranaki Regional Economic Development Strategy, branded as Make Way for Taranaki, Tapuae Roa – for more visit www.makeway.co.nz - are examples of this. Further opportunities will present themselves as the region moves beyond the challenges of our past. 

We can determine our future, both as individuals and as communities, as long as we have a vision for what that future will be, and the leadership to help us collectively travel towards it. 

At Venture Taranaki we acknowledge the positive difference that Parininihi ki Waitotara has made to its many stakeholders, and the Taranaki community as a whole, through having a strong vision and supporting this vision with equally dynamic leadership. 

It is no coincidence that PkW Chair Hinerangi Raumati Tu’ua also now sits amongst the leadership of Venture Taranaki, as does the Māori Trustee Jamie Tuuta. Similarly, our own Chair Robin Brockie leads the Board of the Western Institute of Technology at Taranaki - Te Kura Matatini o Taranaki, with Venture Taranaki’s Chief Executive Stuart Trundle also a recent ministerial appointment to the Board of our tertiary education institute. 

It is for this sharing of leadership, knowledge, mana, and networks that Taranaki has become renowned. This unique ‘Team Taranaki’ approach extends comfortably across the public and private sectors and enables our region to achieve more: it has attracted new business and investments, secured major events, and attracted skilled and talented people either home or to their new home.  

Leaders are often seen in isolation, but the best leaders are collaborative in their approach. Leadership starts with people and it ends with people. As our region looks forward, there will be many opportunities for us to demonstrate leadership across our communities, and we can all play a part in leading our region’s progress. 

As Taranaki looks towards a brighter future, though its new Regional Economic Development Strategy and beyond the settlement processes, the need for a collective vision, the engagement of all our residents, 
and strong and collaborative leadership, will be greater than ever.