Shoppers continue to Go Local as Taranaki retail spending remains up compared to this time last year.

Taranaki retail statistics for the week ending 31 May remain positive and continue to track upwards, up two percentage points in comparison to figures for the week ending 24 May, and 7.9% when compared to regional spending this time last year.
“It’s still early days”, says Venture Taranaki CE, Justine Gilliland, “but these early recovery signs signal a strong burst of Go Local activity, and reflect our ability to come together as a region, like we have so many times before.”
“It’s promising to see these figures remain relatively stable since last week, with a small increase from 7.7%, to 7.9%”, say Gilliland.
Spending remained positive across Clothing, Footwear and Department stores; Food, Liquor and Pharmacies; and Home and Recreational Retailing.
Home and Recreational Retailing is up a staggering 48.7% on last year, as it appears Taranaki locals make the most of the DIY momentum they gained during lockdown.
“We’re seeing a shift in shopper behaviour now, as we enter into these lower alert levels. The spending we’ve previously seen across supermarket and pharmacies, is now starting to swing towards home and recreational spending”, explains Justine.
“We’re also seeing spending begin to normalise across some categories now, which is to be expected given our shift to alert level two, and the impending decision as to whether we move to alert level one,” explains Justine.
Clothing, footwear and department stores remain up, 24% on this time last year, with transaction volume up 14.2%.
With regional spending up overall; average regional volume of transactions remains slightly down, signalling people are making marginally higher value purchases.
Taranaki remains up on the national average, with New Zealand up 2%, down 0.4 percentage points in comparison to figures for the week ending 24 May.
“It’s positive to see Taranaki ahead of the national average yet again and maintaining these figures as we continue to Go Local to support our enterprises, communities and our economy,” says Justine.
“Keeping our spending in Taranaki, or at least New Zealand, provides much needed support for our local enterprises, helping to keep people in jobs, and our economy going”, explains Gilliland.
“It won’t be an easy road to a return to better. However, it’s important that on an individual level we’re aware of how our conscious local spending can provide Taranaki a leg up and support us to get through this as best we can.

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