Taranaki retail stats for weeks ending 14 June and 21 June 2020 show sustained spending

Taranaki retail statistics for the weeks ending 14 June and 21 June 2020 tell a positive story for the local economy, as the region continues to go local through conscious local spending.
Spending remains up when compared to retail spend this time last year, up 9.7% week-end 14 June, ahead of the national average at 3.7%, and up 7.3% week-end 21 June, ahead of the national average at 1.3%.
Transaction volume is also up for the first time since COVID-19 lockdown, up 1.5% week-end 21 June, a promising sign as the numbers begin to fall in line with pre-COVID spending.
“It’s heartening to see Taranaki spending sustaining”, says Venture Taranaki General Manager Regional Strategy and Sectors, Anne Probert.
“It’s also reassuring to see in the first time since lockdown, our transaction volume come back in line with pre-COVID figures.”
Home and Recreational Retailing, and Clothing, Footwear and Department Store categories remain well on the previous year, up 45.8% and 41% respectively week-end 14 June. Growth was sustained in these categories week-end 21 June, at 40.7% and 15.3% respectively.
Hospitality and Accommodation spend is also up for the first time since lockdown, up 4.1% on this time last year, week-end 14 June. For week-end 21 June, spend for this category was also up 1% on this time last year.
“Spending across Hospitality and Accommodation is starting to slowly recover, and this data reflects increased domestic travel and dining out, now that people can move more freely in restaurants and cafés and other hospitality outlets and also travel more readily around the country”, explains Probert.
“It’s important that we’re able to stabilise our economy and build resilience, and a big part of this early on is going local, and using our collective purchasing power, and conscious local spending to ramp up our economy, providing it with a much-needed kick-start,” explains Anne.
“Keeping our spending in Taranaki, or at least New Zealand, provides much needed support for our local enterprises, helping to keep people in jobs, and our economy going.”

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