Venture Taranaki is ramping up its support services available to local enterprises.

As the impacts of global restrictions caused by Coronavirus Covid-19 are felt throughout the region, Venture Taranaki is ramping up its support services available to local enterprises.

“Coronavirus Covid-19 is rapidly affecting economies around the globe and communities around the Mountain. As we have seen with cases being identified in the region, our businesses, enterprises and regional economy are certainly not immune to its reach,” says Venture Taranaki chief executive Justine Gilliland.

To help enterprises manage the impacts, New Zealand Trade & Enterprise has boosted funding to the Regional Business Partner network to enable an extension of business advisory services to affected businesses.

This will see Venture Taranaki, as Taranaki’s Regional Business Partner, scale up its services working directly with business owners and managers to help deal with the impacts of the event.

“This support has enabled Venture Taranaki to add two additional enterprise staff to our regional economic response to Covid-19, meaning we are better placed to support businesses as best we can.”

“We encourage businesses to get in touch with the team early if they are, or anticipate, feeling the pressure.”
A series of online resources are also in the pipeline, enabling access to current and comprehensive information and support without compromising best practice on social distancing.

Venture Taranaki will also ramp up its communications to the business community, with facts, guidance and support. A particular focus is the visitor and events sector, where impacts are rapidly being felt.

“Being able to offer increased and enhanced services during periods such as this is central to Venture Taranaki’s position as the region’s development agency,” says Justine.

“We regularly provide a range of advice services to the region’s enterprises, from those looking to grow to those facing challenges. As Covid-19 begins to affect more supply, customer and resource movements, we anticipate that we will hear from more who are encountering the challenge end of the spectrum.”

“We are already experiencing an increase in Covid-19-related queries and advisory support, and we will continue to review and further develop our support mechanisms to respond to circumstances.”

“Alongside the Government’s $12.1 billion package of business and wage support, this scaling up of advisory support is a key step in helping our region’s businesses confront this challenge. We are also starting to look ahead to the medium and longer term and what measures may be required,” Justine says.

Any Taranaki enterprise who is feeling the impacts of the Covid-19 restrictions is encouraged to make contact with Venture Taranaki via or calling 06 759 5150.