Ten years ago, Micah and Greg Lindsay-Brown met on a blind date in New Plymouth, and things clicked – they were soon married before jetting off overseas to represent New Zealand in beach volleyball tournaments around the globe.

Returning to New Zealand the couple settled on a vineyard in Blenheim, though the arrival of daughter Eden saw them reconsider the importance of family.

“We had personal training roles at City Fitness in Blenheim, and had the whole lifestyle package – a large property complete with chickens and big gardens. We were working pretty long days, so couldn’t wait to downsize and have more time to enjoy with our daughter,” Micah says.

Looking for a change, the couple were both offered personal training jobs in New Plymouth and Tauranga, and despite initially choosing Tauranga – mainly for the chance to work with the All Blacks strength trainer - family and lifestyle swayed them towards Taranaki.

“We both thought that New Plymouth had become more appealing and vibrant over the 10 years we had been away – within an hour of arriving we’d taken Eden to Pukekura Park, bike riding on the foreshore, and to the beach.”

“Plus Greg's family are in Taranaki, and his mother is now our super nanny which is fantastic,” says Micah.
The family chose to live in Fitzroy to be close to Eden’s nana – plus the proximity to the beach appealed.

“We love everything about Fitzroy. Our home is quiet and close to the beach which ticks all the boxes for us.
Having neighbours is perhaps the biggest lifestyle change we’ve had to make, though hasn't taken too much to get used to.”

The average weekend will see the family at beach volleyball training, Greg out in the surf, and many family adventures.

“There are just so many family things to do in New Plymouth - the Coastal Walkway, great beaches, parks, the library, air zone and kindy gym. We are never short of things to do.

While Micah does miss her family in Blenheim, some long-term clients and the landscape of rolling vineyards, Micah is now poised to launch her own life coaching business, perhaps tapping into the positivity that is a part of Taranaki’s lifestyle.

When asked for advice to pass on to anyone else looking to move to Taranaki, Micah says “come sooner.”
That and watch where you park.

“The day we arrived a truck smashed into our parked car, totally writing it off.  We thought it may be a bad omen but it was just a chance to get rid of an old car!”