From 9 December Venture Taranaki is at new premises on the corner of King & Dawson Streets

While only 400m away from our former location, the move offers a number of advantages for the Trust.

“Venture Taranaki had been at its Robe Street site since 2007 and since then the organisation’s client needs and the diversity of what we do have scaled significantly,” says Chief Executive Justine Gilliland.

“This move allows the Trust to be more accessible to our clients and stakeholders, while ensuring the team have a modern, efficient and functional space to work.”

The new building features a functional array of meeting and presentation spaces, flexible layouts, and an open plan work space with appropriate temperature and noise management tools.

“The way we interact with our clients has changed over the last decade, and the space in which we work and engage with the region’s enterprises needs to reflect these changes and offer flexibility for the Trust to embrace any future developments in the way we work,” Justine says.

The building, formerly the New Zealand Post depot and warehouse, features a mix of old and new features, and has being constructed by local developers, utilising local engineering and construction expertise. Venture Taranaki’s move was made possible due to the support of the developers and anchor tenants GQ, ensuring the associated costs sit well within public sector benchmarks.

“The site and its history also resonated with Venture Taranaki, having been the region’s point of connection with the rest of the world for decades. We’re progressing this association from the focal point for postal mail to becoming a hub for ideas, innovation and business growth.”

“Alongside our brand refresh and realignment to reflect our impact strategy, this gives us an opportunity to reposition Venture Taranaki, raising its profile and retaining its connection to the vibrant West End Precinct, while also ensuring our team and clients are working in an environment that meets their needs both now and in the future.”