Several events just a few weeks apart give a good insight into what makes Taranaki unique, and provide a reminder of the value of strategic thinking.

In the space of just a few weeks, Taranaki will have attracted a number of diverse international visitors – some more welcome than others. The first was ex-cyclone Gita, who slammed into our region with considerable force in February. Whilst we got off much more lightly than our Pacific neighbours, Gita still caused widespread power outages and a significant break in the water supply of New Plymouth.

The next group of visitors are much more welcome, and include international performers, top sportspeople, and even cherished cars, as thousands of visitors arrive in the region for our major events including AmeriCarna, WOMAD and the ITU World-Cup Triathlon event. These events offer a bright contrast to the destruction of fierce weather, and offer a chance for people to celebrate Taranaki’s legendary lifestyle, to be inspired by the best, and to share our stories and manaakitanga with the world.

Whatever comes our way, we need to be ready.

Preparedness for emergencies is widely understood. From having several days’ of water and supplies on hand, having power generation facilities available to ensure milking can continue, or a safety plan for your workplace should the worst happen - individuals, households and businesses need to be ready.

Not so well understood is the planning required to make the most of our region’s big events. These events offer an opportunity to showcase our region; to tourists here for a weekend and to those looking to move their whanau or their businesses here. These events also provide opportunities for businesses, whether by increasing profile, impressing potential customers, or convincing future staff that Taranaki is the place to be.

What we do after the event can also make a big difference. The recovery phase in emergency management is often harder than the event itself, as businesses get back to normal. For prospective employees considering a move, a follow-up message after an event like WOMAD could make all the difference.

Venture Taranaki has a number of services to help businesses with their strategic thinking and planning, from accessing a business mentor, through to vouchers for eligible businesses to develop their capabilities. To find out how we can help you and your business be ready for the next event to hit Taranaki, get in touch.