Venture Taranaki is responsible for Taranaki’s regional development working across economic development, regional tourism development and marketing, and managing New Plymouth District Council’s (NPDC’s) major events fund.
Originally formed in 1996*, Venture Taranaki was first charged with fostering regional economic development.  
This mandate was expanded by New Plymouth District Council (NPDC), with the support of Stratford District Council and South Taranaki District Council, to encompass the role of Regional Tourism Organisation and to include management of NPDC’s major events fund in 2004. 
Venture Taranaki’s vision for Taranaki is:
“Taranaki – the envy of New Zealand for sustainable business, talent, investment and lifestyle.”
Complementing this vision is Venture Taranaki’s two-pronged mission statement.
“To drive and facilitate sustainable, diverse economic growth in Taranaki, positioning the region as the place to do business, to invest, to live, to work, to learn, and to visit.”

“To be recognised as New Zealand’s leading experts in regional economic development.”
As an apolitical organisation, Venture Taranaki is able to operate as an independent party, acting as a central hub capable of bringing together individual stakeholders with a view to achieving a greater outcome collectively than might be achieved by the individual parties separately. 
The Trust enables a cohesive integrated approach to delivering results for the region.  It works on a partnership model leveraging investment to achieve the best possible outcome for the region.
Venture Taranaki’s structure and practice, alongside its capability and expertise, enables it to react in an agile manner to changing economic and environmental circumstances.  The Trust is well regarded for this ability, as well as its performance and innovative behaviour, and prides itself on its responsiveness. 

*Original Trust Deed was formed in 1996, with first employee commencing in 1997 and broader iteration commencing in 1998.