Venture Taranaki has welcomed the initial release of Census 2018 data by Stats NZ, saying the data will provide a valuable resource for the region’s enterprises, and that the population findings are good news for the region.

“Accurate and up to date statistics are critical elements in the business planning toolbox,” said Venture Taranaki Chief Executive Justine Gilliland.

“This first release of data from last year’s Census, while delayed, will give our region’s enterprises a better understanding of the size of the regional marketplace.”

“Importantly, this data will also help our region’s case when it comes to accurate projections around population-based funding models and provide up to date information for local planning projects.”

The usually resident population data was an important element in today’s data drop.

“The updated population data presents a positive picture of Taranaki’s regional growth, with increases across all three districts,” Justine said.

Overall, Taranaki’s usually resident population has risen from 109,608 in 2013 to 117,561 in 2018, up 7.3 percent. New Plymouth grew 8.8 percent over this period to 80,679 usual residents, Stratford District grew 5.4 percent to 9,474, and South Taranaki grew 3.6 percent to 27,534.

“Positive growth across all three Taranaki districts suggests that the region is remaining a desirable destination to live and work, but the gravitational pull of the larger centres will likely continue to affect our region.”

“We are looking forward to the release of further data.”