The Taranaki Innovation Ecosystem study recognises the opportunity, and need, to embrace innovation as a driver of the region’s future economic success and wellbeing.

Imagine a Taranaki with a flourishing, thriving, connected and cohesive innovation ecosystem. Imagine what could be if we invested in growing the capacity and capability of Taranaki via the support, activations, curation and spaces offered through a ‘powered up’ ecosystem – open, accessible and inclusive to all.

That’s what the “Powering Up Taranaki’s Innovation Ecosystem” study set out to do - based on best practice research, engagement, business case process and reengagement the study built a picture of what, could and should be. This approach advocates for a focus on Grow, Connect and Tell to foster and grow Taranaki’s innovation ecosystem.

This report is a summary of the proposition for our future – a ‘Powered-Up’ Innovation Ecosystem for Taranaki, including the strategic themes, the actions beneath and the investment required to move from aspiration to reality.

The study was led by Venture Taranaki and undertaken by MartinJenkins working closely with the Taranaki Innovation Ecosystem and its stakeholders.

Read the report here.