Venture Taranaki has just completed the first ever in-depth analysis of the region’s exporters and found that Taranaki businesses are selling products into 76 countries, and that the value of exports is growing.

Manufacturing comprised the biggest volume of exports, at 24% of all exports, with food and beverage manufacturing contributing 18% and energy/engineering and professional services/retail 14% each. The education sector contributes 10% of our total exports.

“We set out to develop a better understanding of Taranaki’s export landscape and have gained real insights into where Taranaki’s products are going and where the growth opportunities are,” says Venture Taranaki senior business advisor Zara Ryan.

The study captured a wide range of data on Taranaki’s export activities, including who’s exporting, where to, distribution channels used, and where there are opportunities to collaborate and grow. 

“This information has enabled us to better align our programmes to boost the value of exports to the regional economy.”

A new Export Taranaki programme has been launched in response and will work directly with exporters to help them address the challenges and opportunities identified in the study.

“Export Taranaki aligns support services to both current and aspiring exporters to help them achieve greater success in offshore markets, as well as fostering collaboration opportunities,” Zara says.

The programme will bring together the skills and resources of Venture Taranaki, its partners and other business improvement agencies, and offer a tailored approach to export growth. Aspects of the programme will focus on networking, skills development and training, one-on-one mentoring, and making export information easily accessible.

“We will repeat the study annually, ensuring we can track progress and pick up on trends and opportunities that could benefit the region’s business community.”

The study included 100 Taranaki exporters, and Venture Taranaki is looking to any additional exporters to be part of the study.

“If there are businesses we didn’t capture, they’re more than welcome to contact me and take advantage of the Export Taranaki support services and get involved in future studies,” Zara says.

The results of the study are presented in a series of graphics, including an interactive global map on the Export Taranaki web page
For more information: Zara Ryan, Venture Taranaki, 027 4544 573 or