Despite employing more than 4300 people and contributing over $340 million, Taranaki's food production often flies beneath the radar. Until now that is.

Taranaki on a Plate celebrates the Taranaki region as a prime food production hub which makes an important contribution to the nation, and looks at a number of the key businesses in the food production space.

Taranaki’s greatest strength is in protein production: world–class dairy, cheese, red meat and poultry production represent our cornerstone contributors comprising some 90 percent of the region’s total food production. These sectors have a rich history of production and innovaiton, and are deeply linked to our regional identity.

But as the report shows, there is a lot happening beyond these areas. Passionate innovators are increasingly driving growth in new sectors and adding a new dimension to the makeup of Taranaki’s food industry.

The region is also transitioning from being an economy that prides itself on growing ‘great food’ to a more market-led, value-add culture that is exciting consumers with their inventive, branded new food creations.

The story underpinning food production in Taranaki extends far beyond the economics and production: it is inextricably linked to the story of our region, our history, our people and their pioneering spirit, and the Mountain and the fertile lands beneath it.

This publication forms a starting point to build greater awareness of what Taranaki is producing and is capable of. Contents include facts and figures about the industry, detailed insights of food production subsectors and case studies of local companies and success stories. Taranaki On Plate is intended to foster inspiration, collaboration and conversation. In Taranaki, we are privileged to have a front row seat at the best food boutique in the world.

Did you know?
  • New Zealand’s first blue cheese was made in Eltham in 1951. That legacy continues: award-winning blue cheeses are still made there.
  • Taranaki provides Subway’s bread rolls, meat patties and cheese for major burger and pizza brands, and pancakes for KFC, Burger King and others.
  • New Zealand’s first dairy exports were from Taranaki entrepreneur Chew Chong, who sent butter to England in 1885.
  • Taranaki is a major contributor of chicken sausages, thanks to Tegel’s recent investment in their Bell Block facility.
  • We’re in the gin, craft smoothie bespoke chocolate businesses. Read stories of these and other entrepreneurial Taranaki food producers in Taranaki on a Plate.