IPL has successfully complied with all IANZ accreditation criteria and is being recommended for IANZ accreditation status for their New Plymouth lab. 

The IANZ status provides assurance to IPL’s customers that their testing is being performed in a professional and technically reliable way in accordance with international standards.

IPL New Plymouth’s lab was set-up in 2014 with the objective to deliver local hydrocarbon and environmental testing from which the Taranaki Oil and Gas industry could benefit. This capability, combined with IPL Northland’s lab capabilities,  provides specialised analysis including crude assay, weathering, gas and pressurised gas compositional analysis and much more.  

The lab was audited on Monday May 28th 2018. The auditors carried out a thorough assessment of the lab management and quality systems.  The IANZ assessors were able to ascertain, as is the case for their Northland lab, that the New Plymouth’s lab meets and operates to the International ISO/IEC 17025 standards and will grant it with IANZ accreditation status.

This latest acknowledgment is a feather in the cap of the company who now has two IANZ accredited labs in New Zealand which deliver exceptional quality testing services to their customers. IPL is the biggest petrochemical lab in New Zealand and one of the most reputable laboratories in the South Pacific.